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Blacklisted interview

I was cleaning out my myspace inbox and I found this interview with George from Blacklisted dated Nov 24, 2004. Obviously, much has happened with the band since this was conducted, but I thought I’d post it for anyone interested. Enjoy.

Although you guys are a fairly new band, you've made a lot happen for yourselves; Tell me a bit about how Blacklisted got started and what happened to your old band No Rights.

One day we were sitting in Jay Pepito's (our old guitar player) room and we decided we wanted to be just a heavier NYHC influenced band, more on the lines of the music that we really liked. No Rights was more for fun and Blacklisted was a little more serious. So, instead of keeping the same name we just started a new band, with me, Tim Jay and Zach. Robby, the bass player from No Rights went on to be a chef or something.

How did you get hooked up with Stillborn Records? What was it about Stillborn that made you pick them over any other label that was interested in you?

Jay Reason approached us to do a record, he worked things out with Bobb Macc and we were signed. We kind of just went for Stillborn once they showed interest. We really didn’t think things through.

One thing i really like about your band is that even though you play heavy NYHC influenced hardcore, your lyrics are more personal and varied than a lot of bands of a similar style... when you write, what is the thought process like? Do you take pieces from journals and fit them for specific songs?

Well, for our EP, a lot of things were happening to me on a personal level with someone I cared a lot about, so a lot of the songs are (as cheesy as it sounds) me venting about a specific person. I wish I would’ve written more about stuff that matters, cause wasting your time on one person or one thing is just hurtful in the long run. Our LP will be more understandable lyrically, but still have a little of the same feel… not my just experience with one specific person, cause that is kind of lame. At the same time it is something that everyone goes through, so hopefully someone will be able to take something from it and feel like at least there is one person out there that understands.

What influences Blacklisted outside of hardcore and outside of music?

Music is pretty much our every day lives, I’d say. If not my life, it’s one of the only things I care about. The same could be said for hardcore. I mean, anywhere I go or whatever I do in life, when I wake up I’m gonna be me and those two things play a HUGE role.

What is one of your favorite records of all time? What about it makes it better to you than tons of others?

Supertouch - The Earth is Flat, is a big one. That record is so heavy, but not in like a heavy metal or hardcore sense. It is just heavy when listened to. It’s deep and it just has a feeling to it I can’t explain. This is just one of many records I love, without giving the obvious answer of Age of Quarrel.

To you, what are the elements of a really great song? A great record?

I think it all has to do with how everything fits musically and lyrics are a big thing. You have to be able to feel what is being said and maybe adapt it to your life. I love a lot of old punk records and stuff, but a lot of things they talk about i.e drinking, politics and stuff of that nature, I can’t relate to. So, I’m into it on a different level than I am with some other music. You gotta be able to feel it I guess.

Why do you think so many hardcore bands fall into the problem of putting out a great EP, but a mediocre LP?

I think when bands put out their EP, it is fresh and when the LP comes out your used to the sound, so things might sound repetitive; so you write it off sooner then you would if it were a new band with only a six song record out.

Philadelphia has a rich history of being home to great bands(ink & dagger, shark attack, kid dynamite, conviction, turmoil etc); What is it about Philly that seems to spark something in people? What Philly bands (past or present) do you think never got their due?

Philly sucks.

When was the last time you felt truly afraid and what was the situation that caused it?

I was in an abandoned mental institution and there was a person chillin’ in there just staring at my friend and I when we put our flashlights on him. I ran away.

If you could play with any four bands from any time period of any genre, who would they be and why?

Killing Time, Sheer Terror, Cro-Mags, Merauder.

What is one reason you wake up every day?

I mean, I just try to be at peace with myself. I’ve learned you gotta do what you want to do and live or your gonna be miserable. Once you come to terms with who you are, life seems like it might be much easier to live. So, I’m just trying to do that; find my place in society, where do I fit in, keep my head above water and just keep moving on. I hope to just be happy and have a positive influence on someone, so with that thought, I have a reason to wake up everyday.

What is in the horizon for Blacklisted?

Touring, Touring, TOURING, write an LP and tour some more.

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